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What exactly is Playball

Playball Birthday Parties


  1. At what age does Playball start?

    Playball starts at age 2, where the focus of the program is for children to begin their journey with us and explore and discover what their bodies can do.  It is an introduction to the concept of skills.  Children's senses are awakened at this stage and they begin to listen and follow instructions.  

    A great start for your child! 

  2. Can my 2 year old join the 3 year old class?

    At Playball we do not mix ages in the classes.  The program is very age specific, and has been developed in this way making it a brilliant program for children.  There is so much research and science behind each curriculum, which means that each child will benefit from being in the correct age group.  

  3. Does Playball offer classes for over 6 year olds?

    Playball does infact offer a program up to the age of 8.  Currently in Geneva and Vaud there is not a group for 7/8 year olds.  Should you like one, please contact me and I can arrange to set one up.

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What exactly is Playball

  1. Is Playball a play group?

    NO!  Playball is a program where we provide children with the use of Sport, a sound base from which to develop every aspect of their lives. 

    The program follows a curriculum, and has been scientifically designed for your child.  Each lesson is carefully planned to ensure that the development of your child is our priority.

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How to prepare my 2year old

  1. would it be possible to tell me a bit about the procedure? That way I can prepare her a little bit. Can I stay to watch? That kind of thing.

    Great for you to ask, as I believe preparing the child is so important.  The class is 1/2 hour, and some parents stay - this all depends on the child. 

    For a first time I always suggest arriving a little early so that the child does not feel left out and so that I can meet the child and interact a little.  If she is happy on her own you can leave, but for the first time I prefer parents to watch or at least be nearby for the child. 

    All the children stand on a shape and we do the exercises from the shape - e.g.: running to a cone and back to their shape.  Let her know that there are other children and 2 teachers and that she will be running and listening to her teacher.  She will also be playing with hoola hoops and balls. 

    Perhaps prepare her and say that you can watch her but she is a big girl and can do all the exercises on her own.  At the end of the lesson we give the child a stamp of our Mr Sporty on their hand - maybe something to also mention.

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Playball Birthday Parties

  1. Do we run Playball Birthday Parties?

    YES, we run fun and active birthday parties indoors and outdoors. We can tailor the party to your child's favourite sport, to ensure that they have the best fun.  For more details please email [email protected]

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