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    The benefits of your child doing Playball

There is ongoing input from parents, teachers and school directors around the
world that reinforces the positive benefits that our program has had on the lives
of children. Playball is a progressive programme, so your child will benefit
from each stage of the curriculum on an ongoing basis.
Playball is involved in many, if not most of the child’s development stages -
physical and mental.  
A few of the components of the child’s development that we are involved in are;
Moving, being moved or being in contact with stimuli that are in motion, activates the child’s senses. Daily experiences that develop sensory systems through movement and play are crucial to gaining an understanding of the surrounding world.
Balance and Movement
Most of the skills that we teach develop the child’s understanding of gravity, space, balance and movement.  The skills we teach help the child learn about their head and body position in relation to the ground.
Did you know that the base of all learning begins with movement?

Children must develop their gross motor skills first before any other learning takes place.
    •    It is necessary for school readiness
    •    It is necessary for sport participation
    •    It is necessary for the development of all your child’s’ life skills
And last but not least…….
    •    Movement is a very important component of a child’s overall academic development!
All our games and the skills that we teach connect this sense with vision to interpret how objects feel.
Remember that the eyes must be actively moving for learning to occur.  All our skills involve the process where the child has to locate the ball.
Body position
This sense provides information through the joints about the body position, force, direction and movement of body parts.  It’s function is to increase body awareness and coordinate gross and fine motor experiences.  Carrying, pushing, pulling and all other vigorous movement experiences develop this sense.  We do a lot of these skills !
Due to the electronic world that we live in, the opportunity to experiment with and develop basic motor skills is decreasing. The electronic and technological world also demands fewer and fewer social skills. Our children spend too much time watching television or playing computer games rather than engaging in activities, which is crucial for their overall development.
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