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The Playball Policy makes Playball unique


1. At Playball we follow a curriculum which has been scientifically formulated to ensure that your child benefits at each stage.  Each age group is divided into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


2. We use coaching systems which are professionally developed by our headoffice in South Africa.  We take a child on a journey through all the stages of Playball to give them competence, by following a process that is scientifically designed for your child.



3. We do not teach large groups of children.  It is about quality of the lessons and not quantity.  We have to ensure that each child will have an opportunity to learn.



4. At Playball we do not mix ages, as it is age specific.  This is the brilliance of the program, in that each age has a specific program developed specifically to meet your child's developmental needs.



5.  We provide feedback on how your child is doing at Playball.  If a child completes a full program they will receive a progress report.  


Playball is very unique in it's approach to your child's overall development !